Deerstock Line-Up 2017

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Doggen All Star Band, K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade, Transglobal Underground,

Inner Terrestials, Devils Prefects, Skalinskis, Paul Carbuncle, Civic Pride,

The Invaders, Terminal Rage, Luna and the Moonhounds, Will Hancock,

Charles Dexter Ward and the Imagineers, Jonathan Terrell, Talking to Frank,

Will Whisson (Electric River), The Masses (Baron Lewis), Sons of Clogger,

Motormouf , Pretty’Babs , Ian Marrey & Jess Silk, Dirty Vertebrae,

Crimson General, Unknown Era, Under A Banner, The Boutones,

Folk The System, The Star Botherers, The Blue Carpet Band, Headsticks,

WHISKY STAIN, Black Thorn, Tazer, Alex Bradford, Blue Vulture, Def Goldblum,

The Lonesome Stampede, Tori Sheard, One Million Motors, Chloe Roger Ratcliffe,

Strange Currencies, Talking to Frank, These Skies, Shadow Of A Doubt.

Tickets are selling fast, looks like it’s going to be a fantastic festival.

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